When to Ask Your CPA for Advice

I found this article and thought it had such good information!  Most of our clients include us in big decisions that could have an affect on the taxes you pay.  However, there are many times that I have wished that you would have included us in other business related decisions.  We see SO MUCH!   We see how our entrepreneurial clients handle their day to day business affairs – who they work with – and how they make decisions.  It’s likely that you’re accustomed to handling everything yourself but you may also be missing out on a variety of benefits a CPA can offer your business – advice that can help your business grow.   Read on for 3 great reminders of when to reach out to us!

Whether you need a “business partner” to offer a fresh perspective, or your business is outgrowing your current tax preparation approach, or you’re simply feeling burnout, your CPA can help you and your business stay on track and grow gracefully. Here are a few signs that it’s time to ask your CPA for advice:

1.     You Sometimes Wish You Had a Business Partner

Do you wish you had a business partner to help with the heavy lifting? Or maybe you have a partner, but they don’t want to deal with the nitty gritty finances. Your CPA can partner with you by providing a perspective beneficial to your business. They work with a variety of businesses and know what works and what doesn’t. They can help you create a financial plan and measure your actual financials against the plan, allowing you to adjust course if necessary.

By putting your business’s financials in order and by providing monthly financial packages, your CPA can help you see where your funds are spent and where your efforts are paying off. Your CPA provides the overall financial picture for your business, giving you the perspective to make effective decisions to increase profitability.

2.     Your Business is Growing

Whether your business is growing or you’re reconfiguring how you do business, your CPA can partner with you on the changes you want or need to make. Growing businesses transition from requiring tax preparation to requiring tax planning. Allow your CPA to plan for you. Tax planning is crucial when it comes to not overpaying in taxes.

3.     You’re Feeling Burnout

As an entrepreneur, you should take time out for yourself and your family to prevent burnout. Lean on your CPA to help clear your mind and refocus on your business. Then, you’ll have the mind space and heart space to pursue your passion. Why did you start your business to begin with? Allow your CPA to help you return to that inspiration. In addition to preserving your energy for your expertise, you must also preserve your energy for the things that matter in your life, friends and family, in addition to your business.