We don’t just record the history you give us. We go beyond to give you proactive advice and strategies to help you earn more and keep more.

Our Certified Tax Coach designation gives us the edge needed to give you a proactive plan full of court-tested, IRS-approved strategies for minimizing your taxes. On average, we find $15,000 in immediate, one-time tax planning opportunities.

Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Have you organized your business right? Are you operating from the most tax-beneficial entity structure?
  • Are you maximizing the tax deductions related to your rental property?
  • Are you maximizing the benefits available to entrepreneurs when it comes to paying for insurance and medical expenses?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the legitimate deductions, credits, loopholes, and strategies the tax code offers?
What’s the Bottom Line?
  • We design and help you implement innovative, customized tax strategies that minimize your taxes and your risk of audit.
  • We develop a written tax plan that shows you the tax savings opportunities.
  • We meet with you at no cost to evaluate your tax situation and unless we are confident we can save you 3 times any fees we charge, we will not move forward.
  • We offer you a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.