Here are the steps we take to ensure your accounting operations are in check:

Follow the Dollar Engagement


Williamson Advisors, PC can evaluate your operations from quoting your next job to collecting every dollar you are owed.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We consult with 3 to 5 of your key employees.
  • We evaluate the efficiency and ease of how you sell your service or product, from the proficiency of how your product is manufactured or delivered to how quickly the product is invoiced and cash collected.
  • We come back with a baker’s dozen points and efficiency improvements.
  • You have the choice to implement our suggestions internally or to hire us to help you.

We guarantee it will be an eye-opening experience, and you will easily recoup your fee paid to us.



It goes without saying, you should always expect your accountant to use the exact method that they employ with you as they do their clients.

We prefer to utilize the Profit First method of cash management. We use Profit First to constantly improve our financial health and personal peace, and we can help you implement and stick to the this methodology. Learn more about Profit First and why we believe it is life-changing. 

strategic business evaluations


Williamson Advisors, PC can help your team get on the same page! A strategic plan is critical to growth, employee retention, and ease of business operations through explosive growth. Here are the five areas we cover:


  • Financial Analysis
  • Operational Analysis
  • Leadership Team Assessment
  • Customer Perception
  • Values Audit

It is a game-changer for those entrepreneurs willing to put their business through our 2 to 4-week process.

strategic coaching & monitoring


We work with you personally to grow your business, implement processes and procedures, and buiild a strong foundation for success. Williamson Advisors, PC can help you make decisions about how you want to spend your time and energy to gain focused achievements.

issues-based business consulting


Choose one or multiple areas of focus based on your specific needs.

Vision, Mission, Purpose Creation – Heard a good TED talk lately? Maybe you have heard Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about the importance of identifying your “why?” As the entrepreneur, your personal “why” can inspire your employees and grow your business, but it has to be communicated!

Leadership and Employee Success – We can help you evaluate your team by taking some easy Emotional Intelligence Quotient Quizzes. Employees LOVE these tests. And taking them together and communicating the results as a team is fun and an incredibly helpful way for you and your team to understand the context of your actions.

Chart of Accounts/Reporting Clean-Up – Need better reports that are easier to interpret? We can help determine the best way to obtain the information you need and document a consistent way to receive accurate inputs.

Software/App Setup or Transition –Starting to use Expensify, TSheets,, Hubdoc, or another one of our favorite apps? Let us plug in to help you make the right decisions to streamline your operations. Apps are cheap, but mistakes are costly and can damage employee morale. Let’s make the right decision on the front end.

Key Performance Indicators – Another popular buzzword – “KPIs” – are available for everything that you need to track to make your business profitable. We can help identify which ones will work for you.

Internal Process Review – Need to tighten your processes? Record them for training? Ensure that the chance of embezzlement is low? We can help!

Cash Flow Projections – Whether you are planning for your next payroll or making a big purchase, we can help set up the tools needed to allow you to forecast your cash requirements. (Hint, Hint – Check out Profit First!)

Accounts Receivable – Are you waiting too long to get paid? Let us help you streamline that process and consider short-term loans to help you through the rough spots.

Gross Profit Margin Analysis – Are you selling your products and services at the right price? Are you covering your costs? Williamson Advisors, PC can evaluate and make decisions.

Marketing and Advertising Returns – Wondering whether your advertising dollars are working for you? We can help you to track your return on investment in this area to ensure they are.


We have so much experience in a broad swath of financial areas. We’ll list a few here but feel free to reach out and if you’d like to discuss an area of your business that just “bugs you.”

Chances are that if we haven’t lived it, we’ve seen it, and we can help you understand it and get it addressed promptly.