Nancy Williamson, Technical Director

With 20 years of experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to save more money, optimize their financial resources, and eliminate the stress associated with tax deadlines, Nancy is more than your average Certified Public Accountant. She helps design and implement financial plans for year-round company growth while maintaining a personable and friendly approach to client relationships.

In 2017, Nancy became one of 500 tax professionals who has completed the American Institute for Certified Tax Coaches’ training academy leading to the Certified Tax Coach designation. She is also one of the select few certified Profit First Professionals in the nation. These certifications provide an added level of expertise in areas of business strategy and tax planning – all centered around making her clients’ businesses more profitable than ever before.

With her long-standing motto “no surprises”, Nancy strives to establish trust with her clients by always offering fixed fee contracts where services are determined in advance for the entire year. While working with Nancy, you’ll never be surprised by an unexpected invoice or a hidden fee.

Education & Background
Licensed to practice public accounting in Texas since 1991, Nancy is a proud graduate of the University of Texas-Austin, having started her career with Arthur Andersen and moving on to become a controller and then Vice President of Finance and Operations for a billion-dollar insurance corporation. Nancy’s passion is working with entrepreneurs to help them maximize the benefits of owning a business. She believes in the importance of maintaining the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with family, friends and pursuing other interests.

Nancy works diligently to help her clients achieve benefits through sound accounting, leading financial practices, and unparalleled expertise and advice. Complimenting her strong business acumen, Nancy revels in her ability to establish personable and fun relationships with clients and is pleased to offer a one-stop financial solution for each of her client’s financial needs.

Gary Williamson, Project Manager

Gary Williamson is an entrepreneur, sales director and operations manager with nearly 30 years of strong professional experience as a leader in manufacturing, product development, and sales initiatives. His expertise includes 12 years as an entrepreneur leading engineering and design initiatives for Texas-based businesses. He specializes in analyzing business and customer needs to identify and execute cost-effective processes. Gary engages, manages and unifies strong business relationships with cross-functional business teams and partners.

Gary believes in being honest and transparent with every customer—explaining what you can and can’t do, openly admitting when you don’t know, seeking answers and resources beyond yourself, and, most importantly, doing what you said you would do.

Education & Background

Gary has been leading operations, sales, development and process teams since 1989. A graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science – Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics, he started his professional career with SEMATECH in Austin, managing a $10 Million budget, 10 engineers, and the purchasing and qualifying processes. He leaped from management to ownership, operating his own manufacturing company for 12 years. Gary sold his company to Kaspar Manufacturing. Impressed by Gary’s track record and ability to double his own company’s annual revenue, Kaspar invited him to partner with them as Director of Sales & Design.

Due to his extensive entrepreneurial background, knowledge, and passion for training and guiding others, Gary seamlessly directs and oversees the workflow of Williamson Advisors, managing each project and the overall operations from start to finish—from intake and deliverables to payroll, cash flow and budgeting. He understands the processes of the corporate and small business that is seeking assistance planning its future as well as the elements required of the team advising them. His honesty and transparency make Gary’s expert leadership feel simple, safe and welcoming.