Who We Serve

  • We serve clients in a range of professions, but our biggest markets are the automotive, real estate, and startup industries.
  • And we value our long-term clients from all across the board – land developers in Galveston, software developers in Austin, IT and networking specialists in Fredericksburg, a wedding venue, European auto mechanics and a vodka distillery in Dripping Springs, a “dope BBQ” restaurant with two locations in Austin and many more!

We have been blessed to serve clients who have been with us since the beginning in 2005.

How We Are Different from Other Firms

We want to work smarter using the latest technology that will free you up and us up to work on our business because thought leadership is where it’s at now. This is why we are Profit First Professionals and Certified Tax Coaches because we want to find great technology, methods, and processes and implement them in your business. And we want to bring this knowledge to you in a simple, easily digestible format.

Making tax preparation and financials a positive experience, as opposed to mundane or a nuisance.


Our Core Values

  • Collaborative: Working with our clients on unique solutions.
  • Innovative: Utilizing the latest technology and tools.
  • Comprehensive: Providing encompassing services that go beyond basic tax prep or CPA offerings.
  • Proactive: Working with clients on an ongoing basis and throughout the year to plan, prepare, and create.
  • Fun: Making tax preparation and financials a positive experience, as opposed to mundane or a nuisance.
  • Inspirational: Opening the doors and showcasing ways for businesses to grow and look forward.
  • Creative: Coming up with unique and tailored solutions for each business. As creative as the industries you serve.
  • Organized: Staying on top of deadlines, projects, and nitty-gritty details.

Our Why

It’s the people. It’s the owners of these businesses who care about their clients the same way we care about our clients. It’s the fact that our clients love what they do as much as we love what we do. It’s that our clients are striving to do more, create more, and serve more because that’s what we want to do. Because we love great BBQ, spirits, and attending weddings at an incredible venue – our “why” is simple.

We want you to know that you can take care of your business and your family from a financial standpoint, so you can be free to create the things that make your business great.

Check out Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on creating your “why”. It definitely inspired us – to delve deep into why we do what we do.


14101 Hwy 290W, Building 100, Suite 207, Austin, TX 78737