On average, we find $15,000 in immediate one-time tax planning opportunities.

Our mission at Williamson Advisors, PC is to give entrepreneurs peace of mind that they are doing all they can to protect and grow their business from a tax and accounting standpoint.

We do that by providing approachable, technology-driven financial solutions that eliminate the stress associated with finances and serve as a partner to entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses.



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Our fixed monthly fee starts as low as $500 per month, which covers all related technology costs, bookkeeping services, access to an accounting expert, and a CPA who can answer all your tax-related questions.

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To get more out of your accounting and tax prep services, consider upgrading to work with us on a more proactive basis. We provide several steps when considering more focused attention on your accounting operations.

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Our Certified Tax Coach designation gives us the edge needed to give you a proactive plan full of court-tested, IRS-approved strategies for minimizing your taxes. On average, we find $15,000 in immediate one-time tax planning opportunities.


We Utilize the Profit First Method of Cash Management

A method developed and documented by business author Mike Michalowicz

What is Profit First?

“Profit First Professionals is an exclusive community of accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches who are certified in the Profit First methodology to help their clients build highly profitable businesses. A Profit First Professional is someone who is known as a strategic, trusted advisor and an integral part of their client’s business success. As a member you will leverage the most recognized profit brand in the world.” – ProfitFirstProfessionals.com

We are constantly becoming aware of new techniques and strategies by Profit First. In the video below, Mike Michalowicz gives an introduction to Profit First as well as a shoutout to the Williamson Advisors, PC team.

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“Because Nancy has an entrepreneur’s mindset, she’s business savvy and wicked tax smart. She advises me on more than just taxes, she’s also a valued strategic partner!  The money spent on her services always return many times over from the money she’s saved.”

– Kim Wendland

“Nancy and her team are true pros when it comes to accounting and tax prep. They genuinely care about their clients. They are accessible, knowledgeable, and go the extra mile.”

– Raf Robinson, COO of Slab BBQ Restaurants

“I have worked with Nancy for more than 10 years and she is highly capable, responsive and gets the job done. She has been my CPA and advisor for both my personal taxes and two different small businesses and I have never had an occasion to question the work or the relationship. I highly recommend Nancy and her team, especially for entrepreneurs.”

– Jeanne Corrigan, Owner of Mosaic Insight Group


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